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Just a post to let you guys know a few things in the Smallville fanfiction department.

I've dropped my challenge at [ profile] mission_insane and [ profile] 10_letters and anywhere else I had a Smallville related claim. I have one very special series I haven't finished that I will be finishing and posting under this name, which will be Five Families Clark Never Had. Yes, that's right, I haven't forgotten it. After that, I'll be making a name for myself elsewhere. Where exactly I won't publicly state, but the people I trust have already been contacted or will be soon.

It's a shame that people like me, who want nothing but to have a happy fandom experience, have to avoid fandom on LJ or hide behind different usernames instead of just having something all-encompassing. It's all me, if it be fandom, spiritual or otherwise. I can handle being hated and ridiculed for my spiritual beliefs. Spiritual beliefs are at the core of a person, no matter if you believe in something or nothing at all. Being harassed about fictional characters and fictional relationships...that's like being harassed for preferring salty over sweet, or in my case, liking both equally. If you don't like it, fine, just don't give anyone a trip to the dentist* over it.

*"A trip to the dentist" is spitting in someone's drink. I use it metaphorically here. See the Veronica Mars episode link for more info.
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[Poll #1170313]

Here are all the pairings I like. Mention any you think of because my list is always getting bigger.

pairings )
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Just a post to let everyone know I won't be posting Smallville fan fiction publicly anymore. Maybe no icons either, but I'm still trying to figure that out. I just want to separate myself a little from fandom. I'll still be around the communities and the forums, but I've left anything ship-related here on LJ. If you want to be on a trusted list of people for a certain ship, comment I'll put you on it and link you to wear I've posted it. And that is only if I've come to trust you.

Until next time...

ETA: I decided to post my icons only here and [ profile] hazelsparkle.
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Okay, let's try this post again.

As far as shipping goes, my motto is "every girl has her time". Very few of us are lucky enough to find our destined mate early in life and even if we do, they may not be who we need at the time or vise versa. Everyone we form a relationship with, romantic or otherwise, molds us into who we become. It's really no different for fictional characters. This is why I'm a multi-shipper and why ship wars irritate me to no end. Why pick one ship when I can have an armada?
Note: Nearly all these ships have been ruined or could be ruined based on Smallville track record, but I will try to stay as positive as possible.

The Ships )
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I noticed that post I wrote about my ships of choice on Smallville was full of I deleted it. I was trying to go for listing when I thought the time for the ships was, but I guess sleepiness breeds grumpiness. I'll try again later.


Mar. 25th, 2008 08:16 pm
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I think I've decided Devoted to Clana isn't the place for me. Do people have to be so sensitive? I said I liked Clana better when they were in high school, not "OMG, KILL THE CLANA NOW!" Lana has had plenty of time with Clark and their relationship is pretty rocky. I don't expect it to last. They've just grown out of each other. I still like the older Clana, though, so I thought maybe I could exist at the forum. I guess not. I think I'll stick to Devoted to Lexana.

I always have [ profile] oldschool_clana, but there aren't very many members there. At least I have my wonderful friends at LJ and IJ who can disagree with me and yet still like me.
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Hi. I shouldn't have napped today. I missed Charmed. *sad face*

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Mar. 21st, 2008 11:26 pm
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Technically it's still Friday here, but it probably won't be by the time I finish this, and even if it is, I'm pretty sure the strike is offically over. So here we go.

In case you're wondering what I thought about Smallville last night, travel here.

I also did some writting; I combined the [ profile] mission_insane Horror prompt of 'Nightmare' and the [ profile] varietypack100 prompt of 'Storm' and came up with Nightmare on the Kent Farm: A Lexana Story. It's actually that Lex-like bunny I've mentioned before. I was finally able to write it after finding the document I thought I lost with the details of the idea. It morphed a little from it's original form, but I still think it's okay. This will actually be the first non-Titan story in my [ profile] varietypack100 table. I suspect Charmed stories will soon be added as well.

Wow, it's actually not after midnight after all. Well...posting anyway.
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In case you're wondering about my subject line: Charmed. Season 1, Disk 3. The Wendigo.

I weighed again today, and that darn thing said 213 lbs. I guess because I haven't done as well by my sodium intake the last couple of days. So all that water weight, back on. Dang it. *slaps own hand* Bad me, bad!

The good news is I've been writing more. Yay?

Speaking of which, my quest to create the ultimate list of het Smallville ships have made me decide to add a few to my own personal ship list.

The Armada of Doom, with possible spoilers. )
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I'm adding the following to my ridiculously long list of possible Smallville het ships...even if some of them aren't so possible. xD

more ships )


Mar. 16th, 2008 05:09 am
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I can't sleep. This happens way too much. I've got to start writing before I go to bed or something.

Anyway, since I can't sleep, I decided to check out the Lexana Fairytale Challenge at the Lexana board of the Devoted Fans Network. Looks interesting. Might try it. Then I went poking around the whole site. Interesting enough I found a forum for Kal and Isobel. Now I don't know a lot about Isobel because I haven't seen that season (and I'm not even sure which season it is), but that sounded fairly interesting. Then I decided I wanted to compile a list of every het ship possible on Smallville (and maybe some crossover ships too), along with any nicknames they have (and some I've made up on the fly). So here goes nothin'.

ETA: This post will probably be editted like crazy. Anything here is subject to change.

Ship List )
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Title: Witch Way to Demonville?
Rating: PG
Fandom: Smallville/Charmed

Pairings: very small indication of Piper/Leo
Warnings: Takes place sometime after Lex and Lana’s divorce and Paige becoming a Charmed One. Also, character death warning.

Disclaimer/Claimer: I don't own Smallville or Charmed. Don’t sue, please.
Summary: The sisters try to take a break from magic in the middle of nowhere, but that was until they heard of Lana Luthor…Lang…whatever.


Written for [ profile] mission_insane Crossover Table. Also written for the Luthor Deathfest at [ profile] sv_char_death.


“I’m telling you, whoever this Lana girl is, I think she’s a demon.” )

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To be honest, I don't have a lot to say about the new episode of Smallville, except that it was wonderful to see Pete. I tell ya...I dream about guys like that. I want me a Pete Ross. And after seeing the interaction between him and Chloe, I should really add that to my long list of pairings I like.

Okay, so I lied a little, without meaning to. I'm saying more. )

Now that the spoilers are out of the way, just a mention that I changed my icons and layout. Nothing too interesting, except this is the first time in a while that I don't have a Chloe icon in the mix. Five of them are fandom related (Phoebe [Charmed], Lex/Lana [Smallville], Beast Boy/Terra [Teen Titans], Conner/Kira [Power Rangers Dino Thunder] and Angel [Angel: The Series]). The other is spiritual. I really like it and I'm glad I made it, however long ago that was.

Now, to actually get some writing done.
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Fic: Five Families Clark Never Had (3/5)
Fandom(s): Smallville/High School Musical
Pairing(s): none
Rating: G

Written for Mission Insane Crossover Table. Dedicated to [ profile] strangevisitor7, who prompted. Note that Clark's name and personality will change with the family. You have been warned.

1) The Winchesters
2) The Halliwells
3) The Evans

The Evans Family )

"I did it!"

Mar. 6th, 2008 11:34 am
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Thanks to Netflix and my brother's laptop, I've been catching up on Heroes. I don't know why I never watched before. I guess I just never got around to it. I just have to say...


After I see enough, I think I will write a Smallville/Heroes crossover.
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Fic: Five Families Clark Never Had (2/5)
Fandom: Smallville/Charmed
Pairing(s): none
Rating: G

Written for Mission Insane Crossover Table. Dedicated to [ profile] strangevisitor7, who prompted. Note that Clark's name and personality will change with the family. You have been warned.

1) The Winchesters
2) The Halliwells
3) The Evans

The Halliwell Family )


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