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I have one sentence that says it all, and it's not even spoilish: Dean Winchester is a frickin' genius.
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This fic hasn't gone through a beta, which probably shows. I'll keep it up a few days for my friends before spreading it around to communities. If you have suggestions, make them, so I can revise before then. A few little mistakes and revisions have been made.

Fic: Five Families Clark Never Had (1/5)
Fandom(s): Smallville/Supernatural
Pairing(s): Clark/Chloe (sorta)
Rating: PG

Written for Mission Insane Crossover Table. Dedicated to [ profile] strangevisitor7, who prompted. Note that Clark's name and personality will change with the family. You have been warned.

1) The Winchesters
2) The Halliwells
3) The Evans

The Winchester Family )
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Normally, I'd be writing about the just aired episode of Smallville, but I actually need some more time to think this one over. And maybe download it from somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have DVR. All I can say right now is I actually enjoyed this episode. Yeah, still think Clana should be over, but at least I'm not angry right now.

Anyway, will comment on Smallville later. Right now...Supernatural.

Hi, Dean. )
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Watching Supernatural. Having flashbacks to Special Projects. Also laughing at Sam.
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*is much with the dislike with Smallville Idiots In Charge*

more Smallville grr )

And then, Supernatural.

Supernatural )


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