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Hi. I shouldn't have napped today. I missed Charmed. *sad face*

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Title: Lost In Oz Part Two
Rating: PG
Fandom: Smallville
Character: Chloe Sullivan
Prompt: 001 Amuse
Author's Notes: Just like the Weird prompt, only this letter is to Lois.

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Jan. 31st, 2008 12:22 pm
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Lots of stuff.

Fixed my sleep. Can still get a good amount of rest while still getting up to watch Angel and Charmed. And I'll be able to get up and get a head start to North Greenville U. Yep, no more vamp hours for me...with no intentions to reference Angel.

Bought a Permanently Insane account at InsaneJournal. Also got Neflix. The first of Smallville: Season 1 is on its way. It's too bad I can only afford to have one at a time. Maybe when I get an actual job I'll upgrade.

Also got flamed for no reason. Yay. So I made an icon (which I'm currently using) to explain why I want Chlois to be, even though I know it won't. I don't compare Lois to Chloe. I compare Lois to Lois. Chloe just happens to hold the opinion of having a relationship with the boss that I think Lois should have, even a young Lois. It would do Lois more justice as a character if Chloe was the real iconic Lois. If the person who flamed me is reading, please, leave me alone. Next time, I'll name you publicly.

Hm. I should probably update my profile. It's probably outdated.
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I originally planned to write an article on Lex first (which I am working on), but this seemed more appropriate. I will be reccing this to [ profile] sv_ledger, so it won't be in any other communities, but feel free to pass the link around.

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