Jan. 23rd, 2008 07:39 pm
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I apparently don't watch the news enough. I prefer not to most of the time. It's very depressing.

Apparently, there's a group of..."Christians"...protesting at a certain actor's funeral. For the love of Christ, a man is dead! It's not something that should start a protest! If they really believe he's in hell, you'd think they'd be morning him. Apparently they think they're sinless. You deserve hell as much as the rest of us. Bastards.

I apologize to my fellow Christians for using the wordy-durd, and to the rest of humanity for whoever these people are. If you've read my profile, I'm sure you could figure out what I believe about the subject, but I will go on record to say this: I don't care what these people claim, but they are not Christians. It's not something I would normal come out and say, but I think I can in this case.
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I saw Rod Parsley and some other minister whose name I can't remember on TV today. It had something to do with the upcoming election. I don't keep up with politics (though I'm reconsidering that as I speak), but it happened to be on, so I listened a little. And was a little irritated afterward. I don't know all the details of it, because I didn't listen well enough to, but from what I understand, Parsley and this other guy are at odds. I heard Parsley talk about how his ministry is sharing the gospel with thousands of people at his events, but only fifteen joined this other pastor in going around and knocking on doors. I wish Parsley could have heard my comment to his talking about his big events: "It's not a competition, you idiot!"

No obviously, this had something to do with politics, Parsley being conservative and this other guy being liberal. Maybe the liberal guy was against the marriage amendment. I don't know. I could understand his view, if it was based solely on the legal aspects. I wouldn't mind giving those who live the homosexual lifestyle some legal benefits of marriage, though I wouldn't have the slightest clue what those are (I feel stupid). I say that because I don't have a right to force my beliefs on them. I can believe they are sinning against God (and I do), but they are still people with their own free will who don't follow Jesus. Again, I can try to persuade them, but ultimately, I can't do anything to force them into anything.

I support the marriage amendment based on the right to religious freedom. Ministers should have the right to refuse to do ceremonies if they feel the union would violate Biblical morality, and let's be honest here: if the label of marriage is legally applied to a homosexual union, there are going to be lawsuits (if there haven't been already), and I know some ministers that would rather quit the ministry than be legally forced into doing something they consider immoral. And if you think about it, it won't affect just Christians. There are other religions that consider homosexual practices immoral. So no matter how much I love those people...I can't vote in favor of them. This 'Separation of Church and State' (which doesn't actually exist) has to go both ways in order to be fair, and it's not going to happen that way.

I don't know what else to say, and I've probably already said too much. Not the part about my faith, but the political part, since I'm a total idiot when it comes to politics and what the law is. I could probably do something illegal and never know it.


Anyway...time to actually start work on that book I keep saying I'm going to write.
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Three words: Slash. Is. Nauseating.


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