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I meant to go out today, but I didn't. I think I've developed some kind of phobia, though I'm not sure what it is. Fear of leaving the house? That can't be it, because I go grocery shopping every week. Maybe it's a fear of the unknown. Whatever it is...I suck.

Today I had a food free-for-all. No logging anything. I ate a Hot Pocket and a corn dog today, with ketchup and mustard. Only thing is now I feel a little bloated. No, I don't think I overdid it on the calories considering I've had the bare minimum the past few days (and without being hungry too), but I still feel like crap. Still, I think if I didn't let go and have the good stuff every once in a while I'd cave and really overdo it.
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In case you're wondering about my subject line: Charmed. Season 1, Disk 3. The Wendigo.

I weighed again today, and that darn thing said 213 lbs. I guess because I haven't done as well by my sodium intake the last couple of days. So all that water weight, back on. Dang it. *slaps own hand* Bad me, bad!

The good news is I've been writing more. Yay?

Speaking of which, my quest to create the ultimate list of het Smallville ships have made me decide to add a few to my own personal ship list.

The Armada of Doom, with possible spoilers. )


Mar. 17th, 2008 06:26 pm
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I was leaving the bathroom, and for some reason I decided to weigh myself, just for the heck of it. So I stand there on the scale for a few seconds, look down and...

What the fudge?

It says 209 lbs. That would mean I dropped 4.5 lbs in a little less than a week. I only lost half a pound last week! What the crap happened? Does this have anything to do with my lower sodium intake? Can it make that big of a difference?


Mar. 16th, 2008 04:49 pm
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Look guys, I'm now tagging along after Special Projects!Chloe: I'm going to start listening to instrumental stuff while I'm writing. While I don't think there's anything from Braveheart on the classical station of Yahoo! Music's LAUNCHcast, I think it'll be good enough for now. Unless I can find something better that's also free. And while I'm on the subject of writing, the next chapter of The Reefside Diaries is done and I will be posting shortly. Not that many people care. For one, it's a Power Rangers crossover, and for another, nearly everyone hates Lana Lang. This I can understand, but still, it'd be nice if someone was interested.

I went grocery shopping a few hours ago to find that all the low sodium V8 had been cleaned out. Rats. I love that stuff. I'll have to see if they have any when I actually run out. I did get some more of the awesome Ocean Spray Cranberry & Pomegranate Juice that is so good. It's like dessert in a cup. (Yes, I know it still has sugars. Shut up, Pat Robertson!) If only I knew how to turn it into one, a frozen one. That would be so awesome. I also go plenty of frozen (and fresh!) veggies, and some fruit too. Of course there is still those salt-laden Hot Pockets and Banquet dinners we always get, but I'm trying to stay away from those as much as possible. Small steps. I did get this Zatarain's meal (Blackened Chicken Alfredo with Fire Roasted Vegetables), which has almost half the day's sodium, but it's just a little treat. For the rest of the day I'll be good. Cucumbers!

All hail Jisobel! (Kidding, but you know? It's fun to say.)
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Okay, so I need to get myself my own laptop. I've been using my brother's, and boy what a difference it makes. I hate Windows Vista, but I love being able to take this to whatever room I need. For some reason, sitting at that one desk just drains all the creativity right out of me. Yesterday I actually got some writing done, which his hard to do at that dumb desk. Maybe now that I can focus I'll actually be able to finish all the writing tables I've accumulated.

I'm starting to feel must better since I started eating healthier, even though I haven't made that many changes. My headaches are getting less frequent, among other things. Did I mention in addition to watching my sodium intake alltogether, I've also been reading labels and avoiding MSG? I'm shocked at how many products have that stuff in it. There's a lot of Campbell's soup just sitting around because I refuse to eat it. If anybody I know nags because I'm "wasting food", I'll just have to explain to them that the food in question is not fit to be consumed.
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Wednesday is my weigh in day, and I report that I've lost all of half a pound. Looking at the reports on FitDay, I can see why I lost so little. I ate about 1,000 calories more than I burned one day last week, and I haven't cut that many this week. I'm not too depressed about it. I might not reach my goal for April (I'd have to lose about 2.4 lbs every week), but I think I could still get a shiny one up front by then. I'm still eating too much sodium, but my intake has dropped 1,000 mg, so that's still good. If I can continue that trend for the next few weeks I'll be good. I also opted for an olive oil salad dressing instead of Caesar, and I'm making sure I only use a serving of it instead of just dumping it on. Next step for me: adding a good source of potassium to my diet. (In case you haven't figured it out, I'm trying to lower my blood pressure.) After that is a little bit of exercise. I'm taking it slow because when I've tried to make big changes, it does work. I thought maybe if I took little steps it would be easier.

I started another writing table, this one at 12days, my claim being the Book of Shadows from Charmed, prompt table 3b Spring. I think that'll be fun. I might make another claim there, when I figure out what to claim. I'll probably be making another claim somewhere, for Teen Titans probably. I also considered trying a hand at original fiction, though I wouldn't know where to start. I know I like fantasy/supernatural type stuff, but I'm afraid I'm going to copy too much of what I've seen on TV. Any ideas/suggestions?


Mar. 8th, 2008 11:35 pm
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I just joined more writing communities. Insanity, thy name is Elizabeth.

I never realized how unhealthy my diet is until now. I took an assessment at The World's Healthiest Foods, and if nutrients were hair, I'd be a naked mole rat. I exaggerate slightly, but still. At least half of them listed depression as a sign of deficiency. Not that I expect nutrition to solve all my problems, but it would help. I am now officially watch my calories and sodium intake. I'm going to start planning my meals, too.

Going to church tomorrow. Forcing myself to, actually. I can't keep isolating myself, even if it's what I feel like doing. It's just not healthy.


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